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When Revalina Married at Age 30?

Revalina S Temat, do not want to immediately get married. inamorato Ringgo S Rahman plans to enter the gate, this weddings at Age 30. According to him that age is mature enough for him. With this statement, Ringgo, the beloved, must wait six months to edit Jakarta virgin birth is 26 November 1985.

"Yes I have every relationship ended in marriage. But I have a plan at married 30. According to me, that age, mature enough for everything," said the journalist Revalina some time ago.

Although the need to wait, do not seem Ringgo objection. Star at Singles sinetron and film this, also consider themselves children still wet behind the ears that have not been thinking to get married. "Yah I was younger. Coltish Still, can not be fathers," said the man glass this.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gracia Indri

Gracia Indria Sari Sulistyaningrum or better known by the name of Gracia Indri (born in Jakarta, January 14, 1990; age 19 years) is Indonesian actress. Indri began a career in acting since the age of 10 years through the Millennium Man Panji soap. He is known as an antagonist in the soap opera Jessica Angel 2 & 3. Indri has starred in many soap operas and mandapat often antagonistic roles. Her sister Gisela Cindy also followed in his footsteps as pesinetron. He Sinetron Playing along I'm Not Beautiful Gunawan, Jennifer Dunn, Marini Zumarnis, Evelyn verlita now MD Entertainment Production House Impressions on TV7 Year 2007.


* Malam Jumat Kliwon (2007)
* Coblos Cinta (2008)


* Tuyul Dan Mbak Yul
* Panji Manusia Millennium
* Bidadari 2
* Bunga Diujung Matahari
* Bidadari 3
* Jinny Lagi Jinny Lagi
* Untung Ada Jinny
* Jalan Jaksa
* Senyuman Ananda
* Turun Ranjang
* Penjaga Hati
* Peri Sok Gaul
* JanjiMu Seperti Fajar
* Kakak Iparku 17 Tahun
* Cinta Semanis Coklat
* Bembi
* Cinta Fitri
* Legenda
* Romantika Remaja
* Cinta Maia
* Melati untuk Marvel
* Indahnya KaruniaMu
* Cinta Ramadhan Dan Ramona
* Cinta Slamet Yonata

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gadis Belia Aryani Fitriana

Acting in the entertainment industry since I was seven years old, face Fitriana kurniawan Aryani aka Ryan is beginning to close the eyes of the viewer through the soap opera 'Cocoon'. From childhood, women born May 24, 1988 which is familiarly called Ryan direct bsa style when looking in the mirror in front of him.The signs, if Ryan has the talent in the art world increasingly acting as an agency looking to offer to star in Milk ads Flag. At that time, Ryan was seven years old.

Sure enough, when filming the ad, Ryan was very enjoy acting. She was undaunted by the camera the lights burning from various sides.The director even had time to express his admiration to see the little Ryan acting very natural. Successful little ad star, Ryan gets the role of children in the soap opera 'Sorry honey'. In the soap opera, Ryan serves as the son of Devi Permatasari. Although already been acting in commercials, but usually a child would be difficult to adapt to the environment that in fact is acting must also dialogue. However, it did not get to experience Ryan.As a teenager, Ryan following the election arena Cover Girl. Not surprisingly, his name was chosen to be one of the many finalists. In fact, after the selection process and quarantine, Ryan was elected as the champion favorite Cover Girl 2002.

This title seemed to be a stepping stone, because the event was brought back to play in Sinetron called Dina and Lisa Rapi Films production. Ryan consecutive plays in the soap opera idol, Olivia, and Doo Bee Doo. In fact, some manufacturers believe prosduk also starred in the ad. Although somewhat sold well, but Ryan did not forget to stay engaged in education. Baginya, kuliah adalah harga mati. For him, college is set in stone."As much as I may shoot after college. Because education became the capital when it enggak shellac in the world acting," explained 5th semester student Paramadina University Faculty of Communications, Jakarta.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beauty Acha Septriasa

Sherina name when doves soared this ayu HEART starred. 2004 cover girl dropout was plunged into the world of acting through the film LOVE WHAT IT MEANS that appears as a supporting player Sandy Aulia. But at that time Acha name little known until the bids come from the production house Servia to be one of the main actors with Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah. Outside of his acting career, music career couples daughter and Rita Ahimsha Sagitta this Emza even more shiny. By bringing HEART soundtrack she sang with her lover, Irwansyah, who is also in the HEART opponent, making the name even more known to the public Acha.

Not only in Indonesia, a girl born 1 September 1989 was also popular in Malaysia. Even the duet songs he brought with Irwansyah like Close Up, My Heart and Loving Women, occupies top list in the country radio. February 2008, Marcell left Indonesia for taking education in Malaysia. This then forced him to seldom meet with Irwansyah, other than rest of the world's Entertainment. In the end the relationship and Irwansyah Acha previously always ends too intimate. The distance an excuse to break up this pair that occurred in July 2008.

Acha name became stuck at the end of the year 2008, for allegedly became the third person behind kisruhnya Pasha Ungu households and Okie. Although the press conference has been done related to this issue, but did not argue Pasha has given a special birthday gift to Acha, even up to now giving Pasha watch was kept by Acha. Back Acha became the media spotlight in early April 2009. Similar photos of herself, looking sexy and a little seronok circulated widely on the Internet. But it turns out, the photo is a picture of her sister who looked like him, Juwita Marsha, who is a new artist. Melly lived college in Malaysia turned out to be halted for a moment. This is because, Acha solo album was completed and under contract to a soap opera titles. Therefore, although the opposition had received from his parents, desperate tetep Acha leave from the college for its existence in the entertainment world country.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Andriani Marshanda a familiar called "Caca" or "chacha" This (born in Jakarta, 10 August 1989; age 20 years) is a young artist sinetron stars, the stars ad, and also the performers of the event.
First-born child of three brothers Joseph and Irwan pair Riyanti Sofyan (Marshanda is the current manager) is born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10 August 1989 with the Leo zodiac. Two sisters are Aldrian (Didi) and Allysa (Lisya). Aged 3-4 years old when he lived in the City of Lumpia, Semarang, on the road near the campus Pleburan V Undip. That time his father worked about two years in Semarang. He bershio snake.

Marshanda that this is Islam started his career in the advertising world since grade 1 primary school by accident or chance, in which at that time Marshanda accompany the model famous aunt, Chintya Rustam, a former model Lux soap ad to ad to the bureau Citra Lintas. Sesampai appeared there, to be included Marshanda casting. Casting until finally in 1997 was selected to headline Marshanda ad Bank Danamon. Next headline Marshanda a number of television ads and print media, including Filma, Cadbury eclairs, Supermi Ayam Bawang, Es MONY, Tango Wafer, Chicken Nuggets, Carvil Millennium, Susu Bendera, young, Emeron, Bank Tamara, and Vaseline.

Behavior Marshanda the crying and criticaster SDnya friend in the video only because of the unstable emosnya. Not terkontrolnya emotional Marshanda is because the disease he suffered.
It was submitted by management and their families through a press conference in their home, Jl. Lembang, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (13/8/2009) the night. "We're sorry Cha-cha (Marshanda) more rest now. He is due to make a video outside the control center. He was sick again," said Lia Marshanda manager.

Tyfus, stomach disease, chronic castritis, ulcer stricture, and chronic neck bones are a few of the stars by diidap 'If I Do not cry-baby' it. Diagnosed the disease and make some Cha-cha akrabnya greeting feel depressed. "It may get upset because it makes beruntun the emosinya so unstable," said Lia again. Just remind some time ago spread videos Marshanda middle singing with nightdress. While singing, he was criticaster friend and former elementary-former kekasihnya. There are also several videos that show Marshanda middle burst into tears

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pevita Eileen Pearce

As a newcomer in the entertainment business, Pevita Pearce all aware akan akan faces the risk that after a status as an artist, She already take into account all the previous. The life of the artist is vulnerable to gossip, and even their personal life is the consumption of a public interest, for it laid claim to Pevita Pearce.

When star videoclip Irwansyah, Pevita not concerned with the gossip that befall him, during the news is not correct himself does not want to take a headache, this dish has a right moment to avoid the negative gossip, "while we do the work correctly and with the positive , kabar akan miring the menjauh, "She said.

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